Posted on Aug 8, 2019

Pedersen Construction


Appendix Z is a proposal for building code that will affect everyone that lives over 6500 ft. elevation in Jefferson County, Colorado. These match the wildfire building codes from California. The things you should know are:

1. All lumber will need to be noncombustible or rated 1 hour fire resistant – all lumber will need to be labeled. This will affect any decking, additions, roofing, siding, detached accessory buildings including garages.

2. All gutters and downspouts will need to have debris guards, must be fire-rated and soffits can no longer have vents.

3. If you have a deck that is over a sloped area and the grade is more than 10%, it can require you to put skirting around your deck to enclose it to keep embers from going under the deck.

This has not passed yet but if it does it will go in effect 1/1/2020. At Pedersen Construction, safety is our very top priority and we understand why these measures are being put in place but we also acknowledge the difficulties. For an example, the cost for all the required building materials will be increasing to be fire-rated for safety.

We have put the link below to view full details of the suggested changes. Please take a moment to read it over. There will be a public hearing (not yet scheduled) to hear what people think of this change.…/Addendum-to-the-2018-Jefferson-Coun…
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